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Originally Posted by SupersonicMonkey View Post
Lol. I shouldn't respond because based on this drivel your a pathetic little teenager with less than zero life experience.
Ok, then don't respond. And how do you know my age? You have nothing positive to say about yourself, so you make up some stuff like "pathetic little teenager" to make yourself feel better? FWIW, I suspect I've been watching hockey and having a job longer than you've been alive.

Originally Posted by SupersonicMonkey View Post
Miller is 18 years old and he was supposed to light up the AHL instantly? And you're questioning my credibility?
No, he's not supposed to light up the AHL instantly. But there should probably be a basis for your claim that he's a star prospect. He wasn't drafted very early, he didn't light up the juniors, he didn't light up the AHL, he didn't dominate in Traverse, he wasn't amazing in preseason. He was ok. He wasn't bad. He played well. But he did nothing to make himself look like a star prospect.

Again, the main reason for your lack of credibility is that you praise everyone. I mean it. Go through your posts. I've actually paid attention to them for many months, and every time I stumble upon them, I see praise for our kids that goes above and beyond what everyone else writes.

Sure, someone can like this player or that player, but with you, I don't have to even bother reading, I know that there will be a glowing review without any acknowledgement that the kid has flaws.

Originally Posted by SupersonicMonkey View Post
A point per game is only average? In a player's first season at that level? And you're questioning my credibility?
Yes, I am questioning your credibility if you think that being a point per game player in the OHL is an achievement. He was barely in the top-50 in the OHL. In any given year, there are about 150 PPG scorers in juniors. Are you telling me there will be 150 good NHL scorers coming out of this group of junior kids (not to mention many dozens more out of the NCAA and Europe)?

Scoring isn't everything, but since we are discussing scoring here and you think PPG is a major achievement, did you consider that freakin' McColgan just scored point per game. Ryan Bourque had over a point per game in juniors. Yogan scored well over a point per game (and no, he was NOT an overager).

In fact, of the 5 forwards we had in juniors this year, Miller scored the fewest number of points (though McColgan did play more games).

Originally Posted by SupersonicMonkey View Post
Had you known what entails prospect development, you'd know racking up points in a teenage league isn't indicative of what kind of player he will be.
Thank you for the lesson... or more accurately, a comment that is said when nothing else can be argued. "Points aren't indicative" isn't an argument that he's a star prospect. I also can't score 100 points in the OHL, does that mean that I have some secret potential? As I've said, I've seen the kid play, I've seen his scouting reports, I've seen his stats, I've seen the position where he was drafted, and based on all of these, I'm having a hard time figuring out how a rational fan believes that right now, he's a star prospect.

Originally Posted by SupersonicMonkey View Post
What prospects am i saying this about, since you've followed me so closely.
All of them. Literally, all of them. No matter the prospect or the young kid, your review of him is the single most glowing description on the page.

Originally Posted by SupersonicMonkey View Post
What is Kreider doing right now?

Jeff Gorton, assistant GM, is on record as recently as last week, saying Miller will compete for an NHL position.
Yes, because no team has ever pumped up its prospects...

Maybe he'll compete for a spot but so did Dale Weise last September. It doesn't mean that he was projected as an offensive threat. (Please don't respond with a stupid retort that I'm claiming that Weise=Miller. You know what I mean here.)

You can scream all you want that what I'm saying isn't true, but if you review your own posts, you'll see that you are always the most optimistic person writing about whoever you are discussing.

I don't remember stumbling upon a single one of your posts where you expressed any doubt about any prospect.

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