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Metro Discussion (Metro Red/Orange/Green/Blue/Expo/Gold, Metrolink, bus, etc.)

If there is another thread this should go in I apologize and feel free to move it. I thought maybe the "visiting LA" thread but this is more of a local question.

Tried figuring this out on the metrolink website but I couldn't figure it out because I'm stupid and impatient (my mother drank a lot during pregnancy).

I'm in Santa Ana and I need to get to Staples Center by noon. There is a metrolink station pretty close to me in Orange, or there's the big train station in Santa Ana. I figure my options might be limited because its a Sunday (are there even trains running?).

If someone who is familiar with metrolink can give me a clue here I'd appreciate it. Or direct me to the right place on their website? Preferably something where I can see exactly what trains I need at what times etc? I need this explained to me in super doofus mode. Pretend like I'm your cousin with Downs syndrome and I'm going on my first train trip (I promise not to poop my pants on the train).


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