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Originally Posted by Markstrom Rules View Post
This is the perfect time to "flex" that flexibility. Clearly Markstrom isn't quite at the level they wanted him to be at this point, but then again you can't divine what a player is going to train and practice like in the offseason and can't rule him out of a job already 4 months before training camp. Signing a cheap(this is not necessarily derogatory) backup would be ideal in this case.

The goaltending position at the NHL is so competitive now and there are only 30 teams, look at the UFA list, including guys fighting to get into the NHL full time like Bishop and Lehner, and free agents from overseas like Vehanen. There are going to be quality goalies unsigned and without a chair when the music stops. It gets more competitive for goalies every summer. It's not like we'd be picking up some scrub. If you were a North American born, not necessarily but for emphasis, goalie who's priority is the NHL, and you have a choice between going overseas to play or settling for a near minimum salary in the NHL, which is about what you'd make in Europe anyway, which would you choose? Goaltending now is so much better and more competitive than it was 20 years ago. The difference between the best goalie in the league today and the worst goalie in the league is less than the difference between the best starter in the league 20 years ago and the worst starter in the league 20 years ago. If we had to "settle" for a guy like Gustavsson or Mason, would that really be so horrible?
All you say here makes good sense. Thought your "cheap" was worse than you explain now. Obviously, if Tallon thinks he can get a good enough second goalie after camp, then he should wait since he can make a more informed decision then.

However, my feeling is that so far Tallon has been quite quick in pulling the trigger as regards signing and trading players. He seems to want to make sure he gets the guys he wants before anyone else.

We'll see how he plays it this time.

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