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05-19-2012, 04:23 PM
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Originally Posted by SwedishMeatballs1990 View Post
Lauch's production has decreased due to the last 1.75 seasons where we've gone into an ultra defensive system. He just doesn't have the skill to just make a play on his own like SOB, he relies on others by going to the net, and is pretty good in transition and what not. He's definitely a 2LW. He's probably a 55 point winger in a system that you're allowed to play in all 3 zones, not just the defensive one.

I mean, it wouldn't have mattered if we got Parise and DH was still here. He'd most likely only score 60 points, and that's just the truth.

Play hockey the way it's supposed to be played and Laich is a 2LW, Ovechkin a superstar, Semin will produce at a PPG rate, Backstrom will get 90 points, and Johansson will be a 60 point guy if he plays in the top 6.

Don't let the players production the last 2 years fool you. They played in systems where they sat back, played extremely passive, and weren't allowed to attack whatsoever. If they actually play hockey the way it's supposed to be played, production will be much different.
Brooks had 12 ES goals in the fun 'n gun days of '09-'10. Just two more than he had in the oppressive system this year. The guy isn't suffering from the change in style, he is suffering from not having the skill to be a consistent top 6 winger. Even if you want to put it in the context of this season, he was 8th in ES goal scoring. 8th. 3rd liner numbers.

Maybe I'm alone on an island here. I don't care. You could pay me $4.5M and call me a 2LW because that's what my salary dictates, but I sure as heck won't produce like one. If they don't get a high skilled winger for that opposite wing for Brooks to leech off of, he won't produce like one either.

As for Schultz, I had been giving him a pass because like Millhaus said, I expected him to continue developing. If he doesn't show any improvement this year and/or the Caps pick up a better LD, I'd send him packing because there's no need for a $2.75M 3rd pairing guy that has no upside left.

Back to Brooks, I believe we've seen the best that he has to offer, and it isn't worth $4.5M. I see him as a solid 3LW that is good on the PK and can fill in other holes as needed on a short term basis. That is worth closer to $3M than $4.5M for me.

If the Caps aren't going to spend to the cap then overpaying a square peg in a round hole isn't going to be a big problem anyway.

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