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05-19-2012, 04:32 PM
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Originally Posted by BrimFullofAsham45 View Post
Tradebait. He just doesn't have hockey sense. He only has one move: try and skate really fast to net. It usually doesn't work. For some reason, it worked in last years Buffalo series. He just isn't a guy that is at all physical and that really hurts his linemates. Kind of like Jeff Carter in an odd way, except carter has a nasty wrister.

I'm from New Jersey and I can understand why JVR will never be great. They just don't have good hockey here, I know because I played here. JVR is simply a priveleged kid who never had to work too hard to better than most of the filth that play hockey in NJ. He just doesn't have the nuanced game that a Saskatchewan farm boy like Schenn does.

Because I'm from NJ though, I really would like jvr to be a great player for us, and I do like him. I just don't see the potential other people do and despite his long term contract I can definitely see Holmgren shopping him around. I just think Flyers were fine without him, if not better.
This is the dumbest post I have seen on these boards for a long time.

He's just a priveleged kid, that made it to the NHL as a second overall pick. I've played rugby in south wales, clearly I can tell you everything about a rugby players development here.

grow up

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