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05-19-2012, 04:45 PM
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Originally Posted by CrazyJ View Post
I think it is more about defence being easier to coach, and to play. These players are the best hockey players in the world, but more of them are better at defence than offence. (my interpretation at least). The goalies are better than they have ever been, and the game is more coached than ever.

How many times are players able to pass the puck back and forth quickly when the defence are on them like white on rice. There is no room for those plays to happen often. Players are faster, stronger, more skilled, better equipped and better coached than they have ever been.

Personally, I would like to see the nets larger. Not much, just about a 1/4" larger on either side. That would make a lot of the post shots become goals and would make the games more exciting. A tiny bit larger net will open up more shooting angles and give the skill players more options to play offence.
You mean to tell me that the worlds greatest hockey players can't adjust fast enough to expose a guy chasing the points?


Look man, coaches don't want ANYBODY taking "risks". They don't want supremely gifted players attempting gifted plays. The defenses these teams play are nothing special, and the reason why they aren't thwarted is because coaches don't allow their players to attempt "risky" plays. Keep it to the boards. Work it down low.


Why watch a game that awards a trophy to the team that makes the fewest "mistakes"?

"Safe is death"? Indeed..

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