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Originally Posted by BigKing View Post

I'm using the Metrolink down at Pine/1st for the first time tomorrow. Having figured out "The Tube" and the NYC Subway System during vacations, I think I've got it figured out as far as what to take (Blue Line to Pico) and I'm even going to take the LB Passport from 2nd/Park so we don't have to pay to park downtown. I'm just wondering if you have any tips on when to arrive for ticket purchases etc...

I plan on taking the 9:47 LB Passport which will get me to the station at 10:00. From there, I believe there are 4 trains that will get me to Staples prior to noon, with the latest being 11:54. Obviously, I don't want the 11:54 so we want to grab one prior to that. Does it take a while to buy tickets?
The fare for the passport is $1.25 i believe but just ask the driver. Just take the A or D Passport to Downtown Long Beach and get off at Pine. You'll walk up a block to 1st Street and there are ticket machines on the platform. The Blue Line ticket is $1.50 each way so don't buy a day pass since that is going directly to staples.

You can also take the 131 Long Beach transit bus to the Wardlow Station and get on the blue line there. The train takes forever coming out of downtown long beach so that might save you 10 mins or so. The 131 takes 30 mins to get to Wardlow and then 37 minutes from there on the blue line. Or you are looking at a 15 min passport ride then an hour long blue line trip.

I'm pretty sure the 131 stops at all the same stops at the passport on 2nd street. It then turns and goes up redondo to spring street. It costs $1.25 too.

131 schedule (it should pick you up a little after 10am):

It looks like the blue line runs every 12 mins after 9am so as long as you get to Downtown by 11am you should be in LA by noon.

There is this live bus tracker too that you can save the link on your phone if you have a fancy one:

just select either Passport A/D or the 131 (depending on what you take) and it will tell you when it will be at the stop on 2nd/Park. And it does look like the 131 picks up at that same stop.

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