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05-19-2012, 06:39 PM
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Originally Posted by JaeTM View Post
So basically, pretty much all tapered two piece sticks have the same or similar specs?
I don't think thats the case, neither with standard blades

I am now a two piece guy strickly for durabilty reasons...

I found an 09' ST shaft for $50 and bought two and use a mako m5 blade in it, and it feels pretty much like a traditional synergy, except I think the blade may be tougher, heavier and has less feel than the one actually found on the real ST stick or M5 stick

The other stick is the basic AK, which doesn't have as specific of a kick point, which is also non-taper, but I put the new RS blade on it (standard) and it has a built in taper which gives it a really really agressive low kick point

that stick is very light and has amazing feel thanks to the RS blade... I'll be putting the RS blade into all my future 2 pieces

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