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05-19-2012, 05:57 PM
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Originally Posted by 99 Problems View Post
Tony Hand's views are not xenophobic, his views are purely for hockey reasons. It is not good for the development of actual British players to have a team full of Canadians.

The international team is not going to get better if you just paper over the cracks with Canadian dual nationals, like I said we've gone down that route before and didn't get anywhere.

The only way we are going to get better is if we develop our own homegrown players. What is the point in helping these talented players along their development if you are just going to pick dual nationals over them? It gives the players themselves no motivation to strive to make the national team if a Canadian will just get picked over them.

Have a few guys like Liam Stewart and the Perlini brothers to boost the squad strength to get more success sure, but having a team full of them is just papering over the cracks and ignoring the internal domestic development problems. It's like going to Africa and saying "here you go, have some food" you are treating the symptoms but not preventing the cause.
Still not in the same category at all.

I agree that a kid who grew up in a small town in Quebec, played as a youth in Quebec, got drafted into the Q, plays 4 QMJHL season, goes to the CIS for 2 years, then accepts a contract with Nottingham, ends up getting his UK citizenship and then represents GB Hockey is not going to help the hockey development. If you have a ton of guys like that, why would the team get funded? The government would be funding a team full of foreigners...

Nobody considers Ashley Tait a dual nation, why should the Perlini's be any different?

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