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05-19-2012, 06:09 PM
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Originally Posted by 99 Problems View Post
Tony Hand's views are not xenophobic, his views are purely for hockey reasons. It is not good for the development of actual British players to have a team full of Canadians.

The international team is not going to get better if you just paper over the cracks with Canadian dual nationals, like I said we've gone down that route before and didn't get anywhere.

The only way we are going to get better is if we develop our own homegrown players. What is the point in helping these talented players along their development if you are just going to pick dual nationals over them? It gives the players themselves no motivation to strive to make the national team if a Canadian will just get picked over them.

Have a few guys like Liam Stewart and the Perlini brothers to boost the squad strength to get more success sure, but having a team full of them is just papering over the cracks and ignoring the internal domestic development problems. It's like going to Africa and saying "here you go, have some food" you are treating the symptoms but not preventing the cause.
Oh come off it. Are you seriously suggesting that for the, what, 4/5 games a year that the senior GB team plays we should factor development into it?!? Not the years and years and years of junior levels before that?

Your argument is now turning into a lets develop the Brits argument, great argument, one I support. But GB senior international level is not the place for it, its become too late. Under 18, under 20, thats the level where its important, where players are still developing. Development should happen far, far, far back down that line, to juniors, to signing up kids to the EPL, the Elite, etc etc etc.

You seem to think that I'm arguing for a Canadian dual nat to take a place over a brit just because we can. If that Brit is truly better then the dual nat then he'll get picked. Hockey ability over nationality is the way a GB senior team should be picked.

Did you actually listen to what I said, I didn't say 'hay guys lets take the easy road, ship some Yanks and Canucks over, marry them up to some Brits and whack em in that GB side'. I said if they are good enough, willing and wanting to play, why send them away. And neither am I saying lets take a plane full of dual nats to the WCs either.

Yes the only way a GB team will get great is through developing good Brits, but that's not this argument.

Oh and I dont buy that whole the players wont care, pffff, if they have any drive and ambition they'll know that if they are good enough they'll get picked.

Does watching Kevin Pietersen stop kids playing cricket and stop them wanting to play for England? Does watching Lukas Podolski stop German kids playing football and wanting to play for Germany? No of course it bloody doesn't.

IF I'm an aspiring offensive D man and I see Corey Neilson get a call up to the GB squad will I go 'oh I'll never get a spot now better quit and cut my losses'. If so then I'm not really a player that GB should want am I?

You seem to have bypassed my argument for having a successful international side being good for the sport in general.

Christ I cant even count that high on the amount of people I saw doing the Johnny Wilkinson rugby kick the Monday after the world cup win in 2003. Of course its no where near the scale of hockey, but just think how much good a top WC finish and Olympic qualification will go for the sport. When the BBC start their 2014 coverage, wont it be great for the sport to see GB on the tv playing? A few more kids will watch and think, might give that a try, might watch my local team. UK sport governing bodies see and maybe invest a bit more money in it. That affects your junior programs, and development.

I'm not saying a successful international side is the be all and end all, its a part of trying to turn things around.

So once, third time lucky, again.

IMO, a successful GB team, with good junior and senior league development, along with other things, is the way to go. Lets pick our team based on ability, not where they spent arbitrary moments of their life. Becuase if that does bother you then lets ask Kevin to send back his ashes winners medals, because an argument that only born and bred Brits playing for GB amounts to the same thing.

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