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05-19-2012, 07:58 PM
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I am frequently on the MTA Bus system, along with any other bus systems in LA... I recommend to just avoid the MTA website all together and use Google maps for directions/instructions on which busses to take.. It gives you a few options, and you can visually see the routes that are being taken, before you commit to one.

I took the liberty to map it out from Santa Ana to Staples Center, and i got this

I recommend the 4th option (orange line to union station). Once there you can take either the Red line or Purple line, (subway), and get off on 7th and figueroa.. once there you can either walk south from 7th and figueroa to staples center (11th and figueroa) Seems a lot easier than waiting for the blue line.

Hope i was able to help, I also recommend seeing if there's an earlier route than that. just to make sure you're there on time, in case there's any hic-ups along the way.

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