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Originally Posted by DutchShamrock View Post
Did the same thing in '08 for game 5. Advertised the first x amount of fans got a towel. I saw a staff member walk up to a Ranger fan on the escalator and rip the towel out of his hand. He tried to get it back and they threatened to kick him out. He relented. Another guy asked for the towel when the employee withheld it... same threats. Say they have the right to refuse entry to anyone and arguing over the towel will get you there.

Because intimidation starts with the towel boy and carries over to the ice. Winning is an organization wide philosophy and slighting a fan is the first step towards winning, until they cheat and block shots.
I was at that game as well, they refused to give me a towel because I was wearing Rangers gear. There were also some Rangers fans who brought in signs saying things like "Let's Go Rangers," and security confiscated them. The staff at the Rock was unprofessional and discourteous to me merely because I was a Rangers fan, and I'm as harmless as they come... I don't taunt, fight, or tease, etc. I realize I'm in enemy territory but that's no reason to treat me like a second-class citizen.

I'm not surprised at all that they are enforcing the same policies now. Devils organization is frustrated because they can't beat Lundqvist and don't have a fanbase as big as the Rangers? Might as well take out those frustrations on innocent Rangers fans who are paying to see games at your facility.

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