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Originally Posted by GKJ View Post
Tell that to all the people counting the money that is made because of the 2-minute race. Louisville, Kentucky survives as a city-county because of one 2-minute race. It's less vital to the economy, but as important to the culture of Baltimore.

The Belmont Stakes long ago sold out on traditions and culture.
Look none of us here give a **** that they want to show 5 hours of hats and food and shoes. The problem comes when they advertise the game as a national telecast and then all of a sudden don't show it on ANY NBC network.

Like I said I found it by luck on some made up cable channel having nothing to do with NBC and hell I even googled the local papers and the Baltimore papers and both had the game listed on NBC.

I don't care if hats and food bring them more money, but at least move it somewhere people can watch or put out a press release or something? I'm sure people in Baltimore didn't give a **** about the Indy 500 trials on NBCSN, coulda put it on there just as easy.

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