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05-19-2012, 09:51 PM
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I'm thinking about suggesting the Bad Boys Detroit Pistons era

Not only because they were so hated but for also being a good team that was kind of forgotten.

-The Bird steal in '87
-Dantley and Johnson knocking heads in game seven, which essentially gave that game to Boston
-The phantom foul in game six of the '88 finals(also the game where Isiah rolled his ankle and was essentially out for gave seven). Which is still regarded as a bigger travesty than game six of Kings/Lakers in '02.
-Essentially ending the Celtics and Lakers era of the 80's
-Becoming one of the best defensive teams of all-time in an offensive era
-Being the last roadblock for Jordan...until the gambling(allegedly)
-Dennis Rodman before he lost his marbles
-The Isiah/Michael feud and how they've both failed miserably in management
-Chuck Daly being the coach of the original Dream Team
-Walking out on the Bulls in '91 and why it was valid(at least to most of the team and fans)

It's a homer pick and I know Simmons hates the Pistons but they have a lot of material to work with.

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