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Originally Posted by Tundra View Post
I'm a hockey fan, first and foremost. A devil fan a close second. I know my hockey. I know firsthand that alot of this Henrik bashing is pure, subjective homerism. Whether it's the pads or the six goalie system, it doesn't hold up in the realm of true hockey analysis. At the end of the day, those pads have to be thrown down at the right time. Henrik has to be square to the shooter despite numerous variables during an offensive zone possession.

Another funny argument I read from the detractors is that the devils didn't have Henrik "moving around enough" today with their shots. Talk to any goalie coach worth his salt and the first thing they preach against is wasted movement. Henrik exhibits very subtle little movement for a reason. That's why he makes hard saves look routine.
Well, I enjoy reading your analyses, even though it kind of muddles the issue of who I should direct my visceral hatred at. It gets even more confusing considering that I blocked an active Rangers poster a couple of weeks ago for referring to Lundqvist as "the Queen" and "Lundpads".

Oh well, I suppose the world of hfboards is an odd place

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