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05-20-2012, 04:12 AM
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Originally Posted by varanger94 View Post
Well, if Prust gets suspended, than Parise has to get at least the same. Thank you DVR, because NBC didn't bother to show or mention that, not only did Parise elbow Del Soto to the back of the head, he also left his feet. If you DVR'd the game, it happened with 6:24 left in the Third Period. If I have too, I am going to use my Video Camera off the LCD and post it on You Tube. Way before this happened, I told myself that I will never listen to NBC again. If I watch the game live, I'll try to match the Radio feed with the live broadcast. If I have to DVR the Game, I'll watch it with the sound off. The game is pressure enough to watch, without having to listen to the Ranger bashing during the game and in between periods.
just watched holy **** that is a bad hit!

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