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Originally Posted by rickthegoon View Post
Well, to tell the truth, my opinion is only basd on a few games i watched on tv, during the world juniors this winter, the chl playoffs and these couple games so far at the memorial cup. So that being said, it's just my 2 cents.
But if I had to choose between Ellis, Beaulieu and Tinordi, ....Ellis would be the one wich , in my opinion would adapt the fastest to the NHL. His no non sense style of play can be incorporated within any system. He can handle pressure and accept to take a hit without " panicking", has a great vision, always makes a great first pass,can skate the puck out of the zone.......everytime i see him play I ask myslef " what he would look like whit players of his caliber...guys who could handle his pass?""....
Everything i read this season about Tinordi said how much he improved his skating, his balance, his decision making with the puck.....but every game I've seen him, I still dont see it, all I see is a really big clumsy guy who panics when under pressure, has poor balance....he's on his butt as soon as someone checks him, and throws away the puck......he improved his game.....when he's not under any forechecking pressure, but when he is, it's not impressive......he is a long way from becoming a nhler
As far as Beaulieu, not a fan.....but the potential is there definetaly.....great for him that his junior career is over, this way, he will be exposed to a greater caliber a players, and maybe learn that he is not the greatest thing since sliced bread.......the day he learns that ,he might become a great defenceman in the nhl.
So right now, this point, my memorial scouting report card says that
1) the guy....would not be scared to call him up for a game
2) Beaulieu....great potential, 1 or 2 years in the ahl to see if he can learn
3) Tinordi.....ahl, gotta teach the kid the abc's of playng D
4) Bournival....great kid, but dont think he'll ever make it in the nhl
Seen a lot of Ellis and Beaulieu the last few years, especially Beaulieu. Very happy the Habs have both, I thought Ellis was a bit of a steal when they drafted him, and was thrilled Beaulieu was on the board at 17. But you're right, your opinion is only based on a few games and is not quite right.

If you feel Beaulieu's biggest flaw is over-confidence, we're in good shape. Subban worked out OK, and Nathan has a better skill set. Also don't know if you remembered the World Juniors but Beaulieu was asked to tone it down and play safe, which he did extremely well. I for one was pleasantly surprised, and it proved what's been said of him in that he's very coachable.

Ellis seems like a character guy, further confirmed by Beender Donethat, but what would expect of a good Maritime boy lol! But there's no way his skating is NHL ready yet, not even close imo.

Bottom line though, with Ellis, Tinordi and Beaulieu in the stable the future of the Habs blue line looks sweet indeed.

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