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05-20-2012, 12:06 PM
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Originally Posted by GKJ View Post
Two things, in a post that I generally agree:

-Ed Snider doesn't really get sold on 'the future.' He wants to win the Cup now, since he doesn't really have that much of a future to wait for. If the Kings win the Cup this season, he'll take June 23, 2011 to his grave.

-Because of that, so many people are always sold on the Flyers being able to win the Cup every year, going into the season. Many people felt that the simple removal of Carter and Richards opened the door to be able to do that (despite people ignoring how close they came 12 months before the trade). The reaction of those people will be interesting to watch try to spin about "they weren't going to do it here" and whathaveyou, but even they were still good trades to make, people would have to accept (or be in denial of) a massive, egregious, gross miscalcuation about the potential of the team's fortunes on June 20, 2011.

People have and will continue to say they love all the players we got in the trades, but are lying to themselves if they wouldn't not do/undo the trades to ensure we win the Cup this season.
Of course we would all undo the trade if it ensured the Cup for 2012, but that is just some hypothetical. We dont know if this team would still be playing had those trades had not happened just as well if we dont know what would have happened had Pronger not been hurt. What's done is done, we will never know what the result would have been without out those trades.

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