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05-20-2012, 12:22 PM
Fire Maurice
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I thought 3 things cost us a medal this year:

1) Goaltending. We didnt get the magical goaltending we need every year in order to win. We just cant compete with Russia, Canada etc. on paper, so thats something that just is crucial. Things started to go wrong in the first US game and that was it.

2) 2nd line. As i speculated before the tournament, "PIG" just wasnt good enough anymore. Immonen and Pesonen were step behind compared to last year and when they already are way behind NHL players so the result was predictable IMO. We cant count for consistent scoring from our 3rd and 4th lines and there is no way we can win with only 1 scoring line.

3) Coaching. Jalonen is a decent coach but he made some brutal mistakes in this tournament. Relied too much on some players based on last year's performance, didnt make major changes with the lineup before it was too late. Didnt change goalie, let Getzlaf's line dominate against PIG line in the Canada game etc.

To be honest, if these 3 things were different we would've been very very close for gold but there is no point to speculate anymore. Lets look forward to next year and win in Sweden.

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