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Originally Posted by kovazub94 View Post
Just saw the game again on a replay. We were dominated in the first, no doubt. However in the second the Rangers even dominates positionally what five on five. Whoever really thinks that the Rangers might have lost in the second period saw them defending (btw very successfully) few minutes of PK. And also, great call by NBC commentators and a few here on the board that called on Deboer's error - not calling a timeout on the icing in the third that led to the Salvator's holding and Girardi's goal and even Krieder's goal while the Devils were caught flat footed still in shock from the first goal. Let's give props to Torts who always concious of situations like this.
I just watched it too and while yeah I think the Rangers were outplayed in the first, I think in retrospect it wasn't as bad as I originally thought. Aside from some odd man rushes (which are bad, no doubt), the Devils didn't get really great looks, and the Rangers just kind of hung around. It wasn't outright domination, the Devils just had an advantage. I actually thought they got some of their best chances in the third period after they were down 2-0

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