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05-20-2012, 02:02 PM
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Originally Posted by BrimFullofAsham45 View Post
Tradebait. He just doesn't have hockey sense. He only has one move: try and skate really fast to net. It usually doesn't work. For some reason, it worked in last years Buffalo series. He just isn't a guy that is at all physical and that really hurts his linemates. Kind of like Jeff Carter in an odd way, except carter has a nasty wrister.

I'm from New Jersey and I can understand why JVR will never be great. They just don't have good hockey here, I know because I played here. JVR is simply a priveleged kid who never had to work too hard to better than most of the filth that play hockey in NJ. He just doesn't have the nuanced game that a Saskatchewan farm boy like Schenn does.

Because I'm from NJ though, I really would like jvr to be a great player for us, and I do like him. I just don't see the potential other people do and despite his long term contract I can definitely see Holmgren shopping him around. I just think Flyers were fine without him, if not better.
I feel like this is a post I would've written, word for ****ing word. I could not agree more with everything you said; I've always viewed JVR as lacking that special something, the intangible "it" factor, and I have for some time (I've lamented it on these boards countless times in the past). The funny thing is I was at JVR's very first collegiate game (UNH vs. BU), and he pulled off this sick between-the-legs move to get by Kevin Shattenkirk and then beat the goalie far side with an incredible shot. I was so ****ing excited, I even made a post about it on these boards. What troubled me is I never really saw much else from JVR after that. I kept waiting and waiting for him to dominate with his size and skill, but it never happened (then it did briefly during the 2011 playoffs). He's a lot like Carter to me. You see the immense skill, and sometimes both players flash it in a way that's overwhelming. The problem is neither ever sustain that flash of immense of skill. They're largely teases, and I've also never seen the alpha male personality from JVR and Carter (save for Briere's first game back in Buffalo) that's necessary to become an elite player. Neither player is physical -- see: they're soft -- and can easily be taken out of a game; both are way too content to streak down the wing and try to beat the defenseman wide instead of making a move to the middle of the ice in order to create a better scoring chance. The thing about JVR that's concerned me most is that before he got the NHL, he always showed tremendous stick-handling and puck skills. Since he's arrived in the NHL, he's showed virtually nothing of the sort. It's almost like his confidence in that regard has eroded so thoroughly that he's scared to even attempt any moves. That doesn't sound like a player who's going to take his game to the next level some day. All of you who are waiting for it happen with JVR will be doing so for a long time.

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