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05-20-2012, 04:16 PM
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Originally Posted by zorz View Post
Makes no sense. There are teams that will have to play round robin in both years in the country that doesn't have the medal round, so they have to travel twice if they advance. Some other teams would have to move only once or not at all.
Some teams have to travel and others don't, that has always been the case unless it's just one city hosting, having the tournament co-hosted by two countries changes nothing here. I don't think that it was ever given any consideration that one team traveled this year, lets have their group play in the main arena next year. Stockholm-Helsinki is apparently a 45 minute flight so the time spent travelling is insignificant. Moving equipment and switching hotels is the main issue I guess but again it's the same thing between two cities inside one country.

Originally Posted by zorz View Post
The second thing is that it can happen (and will happen) that some team will play round robin games in the same country in both years, which means the people in the other country won't have chance to see that team live at all despite of the fact they are holding WC.
Nothing is stopping people from travelling to the other hosting country if they really want to see certain teams.

Originally Posted by zorz View Post
And the third thing is interest - I've heard from several sides that for example Swedes don't care so much, because they say the next year is their home WC, this is in Finland's.
While I haven't heard of it this way, I do think next year won't be quite this special since we just saw our teams play at home this year.

Originally Posted by zorz View Post
What's the point then? Somebody told me it's because of money that national hockey federation can save if it shares the tournament with other federation. That is hard for me to understand, because they maybe save some money, but they also have less profit, because half of the games are played somewhere else, so what's the point? I don't see any real benefits.

To sum it up it's totally pointless to have WC in 2 countries and it shouldn't be repeated after 2013. Some thoughts?
After the completion of both tournaments, both countries will have hosted the medal round once but the group of the home team twice and all games can be played at the country's biggest arena. Of course this brings in more money.

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