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05-20-2012, 06:34 PM
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Originally Posted by RGY View Post
This is what bothers me. People here are saying its fair? Do you remember Neil and Ovechkin's hits? They received nothing. Prust has just TWO elbowing penalties in his entire 301 game career. No record. The NHL and Shanny are jokes. Shanny needs to be fired. Zubrus and Parise should both be suspended then. But no, never. Especially with one being a star player. THERE IS NO JUSTICE in the nhl. If I wasn't a hockey fan and saw what was going on I'd laugh. I'd continue to laugh at the game. How could you get behind a sport that can't determine a set standard for how the game is enforced? It fluctuates based on what is becoming more and more evident as bias against the rangers, star players are an exception to the rules, and/or if the victim of the hit is not hurt then the suspension isn't as severe or there is none at all. It shouldn't matter if a player is hurt, you broke the law. You performed an act the NHL "claims" they so badly want out of the game. You know what...we should change our laws in society...say someone shoots or stabs another individual, as long as the victim survives the guilty should be let off the hook.

You shouldn't correct a bad call with more bad calls. That would just lead to a very vicious cycle. I hate the inconsistency but Prust getting a game here is the right call.

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