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05-20-2012, 06:44 PM
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My two cents worth after having watched only the Sunday morning blue/white game:

Players who played here last year who were here (this morning): Pederson, Gilbert, McEneny, Moylan, and Midensky.

No shows from this year's draft (at least this morning): MacInnis, Evans, Poletek, Znaczko, Magyer,


-Abu-Ali was quick and banged around a lot. Looks like je put on some beef since last year.

-I thought Cam Nicoll was the fastest player on the ice. Small though but had one shift (I think on the PK) where he looked as quick as Yves Bastien.

- Schmalz and Llewellyn have decent size and skate well and have good hands. With these two guys around, our future looks bright.

-Greenfield looked good in net. I was impressed by a couple nice passes right on the stick of teammates at the far blueline. Steve Mason type stuff.

-Midensky looked better than I expected. Tried to play in physical attempting many hip checks along the boards. He and Gilbert were on the points for an entire PP and looked like vets.

-Blasby, I liked his size, scored a nice one on Moylan who was pretty good this morning.

- McEneny looked like a tank out there. He looks as filled out as a 19-20 year old.

- I think Eden will be a nice player. Looked solid and smooth back there. Set up a nice goal in the third period and had the highlight of the day with his shootout goal. Pulled the puck back between his legs and went top shelf shooting from behind his leg. Pavel Bure like. Impressive coming from a d-man!

- Pederson looked best controlling the puck in the corners. His boardwork was dominant. But, both Schmalz and Llewellyn are already ahead of him in terms of skating and hands. Actually, I think it is telling that Pederson is even at this camp. I don't remember the last time a 1st rounder from the previous year played at this camp. Usually, that guy is considered "above" this camp, if you will.

- Nobody stood out as far as "Wow" factor goes - not the way Marcantuoni and Murphy did in years past.

- After having seen guys like McEneny, Gilbert, Midensky, and Eden this morning, i'm much more confident in the quality of our depth on the back end. It will bode well once Spott kicks into his "going for it" mode.

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