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05-20-2012, 07:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Tatanik View Post
Well it's only been made official 20 minutes ago.

EDIT: And in the press release from Coventry, it is pretty clear that he has been signed to play as a power forward.
5'9" power forward Oxymoron much?

Originally Posted by 99 Problems View Post
THF posters are already in uproar about him

And I quote:

they really are unbelievable, the EBEL is a better league and that team still signed him so that 2nd guy is a complete idiot
Some of those guys are simply clowns. They probably know nothing about the Mike Danton story other than he was convicted for hiring an undercover cop to kill a guy. They don't know that Danton grew up in a broken household. They don't know that Danton was basically taken from his family by an agent to play hockey and was told what to do and how to act since he was 14. He was a scared kid playing pro hockey who never had to think for himself and quite literally lost his mind. He went from a "I play hockey. I skate. I hit people." to a pretty well spoken rehabilitated man. Some people will always spew ignorant hate but I doubt Danton gives a rats ass. I met him a couple times while he was playing University hockey after his release, seems like a regular guy who was in a ****ed up situation.

I bet those same fans chirped Theo Fleury when he was playing for Belfast due to his history with alcohol abuse and had no idea of his entire history (See Graham James).

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