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05-20-2012, 07:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Rolex View Post
Spot on but add Carter to this. Those two were splitting the locker room and polluting the younger players. Its no accident that Giroux has a go nuts year the minute those two clowns were out of town. G never would have emerged as the player that he has become with those tools on the roster. He has more heart in him than both of those two combined.
And you know this how? Did a player or two tell you this; maybe somebody in management, cause if they did, then you sure have a leg up on just about everybody. If I had a dollar for everytime some clown on this board talks about Richards and Carter splitting last year's locker room without a shred of evidence, I could easily retire. And throw in this new one about "polluting the younger players"- how exactly does that happen? And to boot, it wasn't that long ago (the most recent being the 2010 Stanley Cup run) that we all were referring to Richards as the mighty Flyer with heart and the second coming of Bobby Clark. How long will it take to run Claude Giroux out of town- one bad year, one bad play-off, unconfirmed rumours that he's causing a locker room split by fighting with ___________ (add whatever player or coach's name you wish)? Good grief!

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