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Originally Posted by Illinest View Post
At least a few scouts disagree with the assessment of hansen needing to move off SS, and the ones who've voiced concerns usually cite his arm rather than range or build.
He does have a lot of errors though.

Bauer could be 20 game winner every season and it still wouldnt mean that it was wrong to draft Cole. You draft according to what the player could or should be. You dont have the benefit of hindsight to say that 'cole will fall short of projections in all these ways and bauer will exceed projections in all these other ways.'
Yeah, as the biggest Pirates basher on the boards here even I give them a pass on this one. The took the consensus top player. It was not that long ago that they took a second rounder with that pick who was signable. It is progress. If Cole turns into the second best pitcher in the draft that still is progress too. Honestly I doubt that this management can even tie their shoes without help, but on this issue they deserve a pass.

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