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Originally Posted by trilobyte View Post
I do not fully understand your argument. If you are advising that the discipline handed out be in relation to the severity of the action, I agree with you. Using that logic, I would definitely say that Hagelin's elbow to Alfredsson's face was a much worse hit than Prust's elbow to the back of Volchenkov's helmet. Sure, we all know Hagelin did not mean too, and we know that Prust really did mean to tag Volchenkov, but I see very little similarity in the two actions.
Glancing blow to back of helmet, full on blow to face.
What I mean is that the suspension should be based on the severity of the action (as you say), and not on whether and to what extent the player is injured. I felt Prust's motion was worse just because the elbow flared out noticeably. Hags got Alfredsson more square in the face obviously, but the action itself didn't look as bad. It also has to do with how the opposing player is moving; this determines where they will get hit more so than anything, as I don't feel either of these players were aiming for the head. But I thought Prust's elbow looked more reckless.

A 1-game suspension for this play, isolated from others, makes sense. But compared to others, it makes no sense, especially when some plays (Zubrus, Parise, Ovechkin) are not even looked at. Shanahan has obviously failed in his new position and needs to be replaced.

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