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Originally Posted by Mehar View Post
I posted this in another thread. When it mattered the most, Russia got completely dominated and embarrassed in the 2010 Olympics, and where was Semin and Ovechkin then? After the 2010 Olympics, tthe team made a pact to win the gold medal in the 2010 World Championships with their dream team and they choked that year. They also choked last year with their A team. I am disappointed Canada lost, but nobody gives a damn here, since Sochi 2014 is the next showdown. I predict Russia will choke again this year. Their women are awesome, but Russian teams choke when it is best on best- 1998, 2002, 2006, 2010 and 2004 World Cup. They like beating up everyone's B or C teams at tournaments like this with all their top players playing, but suck when it is best on best for all the teams involved. At least Canada won 3 of the last 4 best on best tournaments. If not for Hasek in 1998, Canada would have won gold that year, while Russia choked that year as well with their star power. I will respect Russia once they win something that is best on best, since they have not done so. This tournament is not everyone's best on best- the top players of Canada and USA who missed the playoffs are on the golf course enjoying life somewhere. I do respect Ovechkin and Semin in never turning down the WHC. It means more to Euros than North Americans plain and simple.
Post of the year.
I like the reasoning too.

In 98, if not for Hasek, Canada would've won golf (instead they lost to Czechs and Fins and finished 4th, go figure... apparently Hasek played for Finland too)...
But Russia, when losing to the Czechs, like Canada... "choked".
Yet won silver.

I like you, my man, I think you're the next big thing on HF!

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