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Originally Posted by Sir Gary Oak View Post
That was supposed to be C haha, dumb tablet. No 6v6 experience but we're a solid 2/3 team almost in Elite but there's only 3 of us on the team so it's tough to continue to ladder.

Stats I can't post as I'm on a train right now but I'm a legend 2 and he's a legend 1, my gametag is Captain Mudkip and his is Count Jesus, our team is WeLikeItTight. Ill post stats in 2/3 hours unless you can check them in the meantime.
We're really mostly looking for a high-output offensive RW with 6's or at least 5's experience, and we only really add members one at a time so they integrate better to the team. Playing full teams (5's or 6's) is a completely different ball-game than 2-3's. If you ever choose to start playing 6's with your team, maybe we'll match up against each other one day!

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