Thread: Speculation: Would you take Carle back?
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05-21-2012, 08:11 AM
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Originally Posted by fauxflex View Post
Again, so if Carle is "elite" and one of the top NHL d men etc., why can't or shouldn't he be the team's #1 D man?
I didn't say anywhere that Carle is an elite defenseman, or one of the top NHL d men. I said that he put up elite numbers at ES play in 10/11, so in that one specific area in that Season, he was among the elite. Reading comprehension is the key.

Originally Posted by fauxflex View Post

Sometimes players are put into roles or given minutes out of need, or lack of a better option. With Pronger out and the rest of the D pretty banged up, Carle (who was relatively healthy) was, at tiems, pressed into to the role of top minute guy for the Flyers. Kind of like how Steve Eminger played top pairing minutes for the Bolts after he was traded there for Carle. He did ok with it, but is that the ideal role for him? No. He's more of a third pairing guy who can spot into a top four role if need be. For the Flyers, Carle did what he could, but I don't think it's speaks that well for a team's D corps if he's their top minute getter. Not that it will definitely happen, but I fear that the team may just decide to pay him as such and keep him in that role.

And sometimes player are put into roles and given icetime because their level of play warrants it. And the Coaching staff trust the player and what happens when he's on the ice. So they play him more.

Are you insinuating that the only reason Carle is playing 20+ minutes a game is because the the team lacks a better option?

Originally Posted by KaraLupin View Post
VanSciver what exactly are you trying to argue here?

A) Carle is a top pairing D

B) Carle is better all-around than Suter


C) Carle deserves a big long contract (and if so, what terms?)
None of the above. Although Carle is a proven #2 NHL defenseman.

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