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05-21-2012, 07:16 AM
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Today is gonna suck. I'm going to have to put my 14 year old Calico "Sasha" down. She's been in renal (kidney) failure for 6 months and this weekend, she finally went blind. She cant find her litter box, food and most importantly....her water. Shortly after dehydration sets in, the "pain" starts. I cant have her in pain. It breaks my heart to even think about having her euthanized...I feel like I'm betraying her trust...even if she cant see me, she still hears me.

To make things worse, this cat and my 9 year old daughter have had a special and close relationship. Sasha has slept next to my daughter's crib and later, on my daughters bed since my daughter was born. Its going to DEVASTATE my daughter tonight when she comes home from school and I have to tell her what I've done. I dont want to lie to her and say Sasha just died. But I dont want her to think I'm a monster by telling her I had Sasha put down.

Its going to be a sad day in my matter how I spin it. This is when being a animal lover SUCKS!

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