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05-21-2012, 07:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Sivek View Post
Brian Giles was something ridiculous from 1999-2002. He averaged something like .310/.430/.610 over those 4 seasons. He was arguably the 2nd best hitter during that time frame other than Bonds. He was also solid defensively and a good baserunner. I still give him the edge over McCutchen until he puts together a couple more great seasons. Giles was without a doubt the best pure hitter the Pirates have had in a long while.

Knowing what we know about the Padres' park, his early seasons with them look really impressive. He had a .298/.414/.490, .284/.374/.475, .301/.423/.483 and a last gasp .306/.398/.456 at age 37 in the best pitchers park in the league. Definitely one of the most underrated players of his generation.

Damn, just noticed Scherzer has 15 K's though 7 IP, could be a potentially 20 K game if he didn't have such a high pitch count. Anyone think McClouth makes it to the end of the month or should they just leave his rotting carcass in Detroit?
I liked Giles as well. I've always assumed he was roided up though, his forearms weren't human.

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