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05-21-2012, 09:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Broad Street Elite View Post
I'm not sure how you go the whole season saying how superb both trades were, then the Flyers get eliminated, the Kings get hot, then all of sudden the trades are viewed as failures?

We got younger and deeper.

The teams we traded with got the best, short term players.

I would have expected the trades to favor the teams getting the vets in the short term and the Flyers more and more every season thereafter. Right now, the trade look fairly even for Kings and Flyers (lol at Columbus) and I would expect the Flyers to continue trending up as the 4 young guys we got get bigger, more experienced and better. That's not even mentioning Grossmann or Cousins who will both be part of the team's future.

Not sure either unless one has a "day trader" mentality and judges trends quarterly.

Anyway, LA hasn't won anything yet last I checked. If they play NY it's going to be tough for them especially if their achilles heel (PP) continues to be left exposed. They will need the PP against a team like NY although NY needs to be better as well. I really think the special teams will be key in that series given the goaltending matchup if both teams move on.

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