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Originally Posted by Potato Juice View Post
The following thing popped into my mind after seeing Shane Doan's second goal in the LA - Phoenix game.

The goal was allowed after they reviewed the play. But they only reviewed it once play stopped.

What would have happened if either LA or Phoenix would have scored before play was stopped? Would both goals count? Or only the second? Or only the first?

Was only wondering... hope someone can help out
From the rulebook (78.5 Disallowed goals)

(vii) When video review confirms the scoring of a goal at one end of the ice, any goal scored at the other end on the same play must be disallowed.
*EDIT -- it's one goal per stoppage of play, a bit further down in the rule book (78.6 p3)

Only one goal can be awarded at any stoppage of play. If the apparent goal was scored by Team A, and is subsequently confirmed as a goal by the Video Goal Judge, any goal scored by Team B during the period of time between the apparent goal By Team A and the stoppage of play (Team B’s goal), the Team B goal would not be awarded. However, if the apparent goal by Team A is deemed to have entered the goal, albeit illegally (i.e. distinct kicking motion), the goal shall be disallowed by the Video Goal Judge and since the play should have stopped for this disallowed goal, no goal can be awarded to Team B on the same play. The clock (including penalty time clocks, if applicable) must be re-set to the time of the disallowed Team A goal and play resumed.

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