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05-21-2012, 10:57 AM
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Just FYI.. tickets for the Metro AND Metrolink (Metro and Metrolink are two different things) are done on the honor system. Believe me, you do not wan the embarrasment and fine that comes along with not paying your fare. The Metrolink does have a conductor who usually makes his way through the whole train during the course of the trip but that means when you get on halfway down the line, he may have already been through there. Then on random station stops for the Metro (Blue, Red, Purple, Gold etc), sherrif cops will be waiting at the exit and checking tickets. Sometimes they get on the train too.

As far as what train to take from Union Station, both the Red and Purple will stop at 7th/Metro. If you buy a Metrolink Ticket, you don't need to buy a ticket to get on the Red Line. if you ride the Amtrak, you do. As far as where to find what platform to stand on for your Amtrack/Metrolink train at Union, after riding for a while, you will get used to where they are located as they are usually on the same platform. There is a sign above each tunnel leading to the platform that lists the time and destination of that train. There is also a giant screen in the main lobby that shows all the train departures. That is just a heads up for the future.

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