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Originally Posted by pld459666 View Post
In order for this potential "script" to have been written, one would have to look at the Rangers playoff wins and find something in those games where the Rangers were gifted a goal, or a PP in a crucial spot that was sketchy at best.

Seems to me that the Rangers have out played the opposition in the most crucial of situations in this Post season and that they have yet to have been gifted anything in those situtions.

I also haven't seen the Kings be given anything. All I have seen them do is win, win and win some more.

I can appreciate the angle as my wife tells me all the time that all of sports is fixed, just not buying it myself.

in my opinion, you can't say that this is scripted and then not point to shady calls or gifted goals and such.

Just another way for a disgruntled fan to justify the Rangers position in the league right now.

God forbid we credit a team for doing what they are doing, nope. People have to look at Luck (seems to be a common belief amongst some fans) and now we get that the league "may" have scripted the Rangers/Kings Final?


I agree with this. Both teams have had calls go for and against them. Lundqvist and shot blocking and timely scoring has been the difference for NY. They've just worn teams out and have outwaited them like Tampa did when they won their Cup by collapsing and countering.

LA has been dominating, so I don't see your point there. They've had 3 or 4 guys run from behind into the glass.

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