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05-21-2012, 11:41 AM
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Originally Posted by free0717 View Post
Im suprised the Mods did not shut down this thread. If it got out that there was any kind of fixing of results, the NHL would go down like a ton of bricks. The league is super focused on keeping the integrity of the game. Look @ it from an owners standpoint. The avg team is worth 300 million dollars. If the league went down due to fixing results, the owners would lose that kind of money.

Integrity of the game issues are the most important issue in any sport. Without integrity, the game would cease to exist.
People coming out and saying the game is fixed? Did you watch NHL this season? Some head coaches are already doing this. I find it hard to discredit them, given their position in the sport. The NHL does seem to try fixing games to keep them entertaining and close... though perhaps they don't actually favor any teams to win in general.

And look what happens to the head coaches who even try hinting at this....

I might be wrong. But I'd like to see this point addressed. I have more to add, but I'll keep this simple so my point is not lost in my banter.

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