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05-21-2012, 12:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Jmcarcagno View Post
Happened just this morning...

So it's not beer league, but my usual 6am drop in today. There is this angry slovak guy that always comes, and he must not have been taught how to filter the **** coming out of his mouth. He is the guy that makes quiet comments under his breath at guys that are not as good as him, and he really is not that good himself. So i've been playing for 5 months or so, I'm 27 now and only played a year of peewee... so im not the greatest player. I shoot the puck on a breakeaway that goes over the net this morning, and this ****** skates up to me and says "what the hell are you doing? You play hockey like a ******". I almost lost my ****ing mind. I remain calm enough to tell him I've been playing for 5 months, and that he needs to think twice about trying to intimidate me, because it sure as hell isnt going to work. I then call him a ****ing **** sucker, and i think he is so used to people being afraid of him that he was kinda shocked. Anyways, he shut up real quick and i heckled him for about 30 minutes after that anytime he made a mistake. Im still pissed just thinking about it , but at 6'2 200lb im not taking **** from some idiot at rec hockey who wants to get all tough guy on me.
We have a guy like that in one of my pickups that I go to. But instead of telling face to face, he makes sniping remarks skating by, I can honestly never tell what he's saying. Regardless he is also pretty bad and cherry picks (as in stands at the opposing blueline) constantly. He gives up on passes that are a little bit ahead or behind him and makes a small hissy fit about it.

I call him grumpy.

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