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Originally Posted by nocturn View Post
Its done.

Thanks for the kind words.

I have had 1 dog and 2 cats die in the past but its never easy. Its different sorrow with each pet. This cat was my 9 year old's cat. They were best friends. Its going to destroy her when my wife and I sit her down after school and tell her the cat that she's known since she was now gone. THAT is what is devastating to me. As a parent, you never want to see your child in pain. Knowing someone or something you've loved has passed, is one of the most painful things one can endure.

I wont think of myself as a monster. I just dont want my daughter to interpret our decision as being monstrous. She's only 9 and thinks in terms of "black and white" as most 9 year old's do. We did the right thing and I'm comfortable with our decision.

We had her sedated in which she didn't fall asleep but went into a "coma" like state. At that point, my wife lost it and went outside. I followed her to comfort her. 5 min later, our Vet, whom is AWESOME, brought Sasha out to the truck and that was that. I'm currently digging her grave next to her brother Rufas's grave whom died of renal failure almost 2 years ago to the day.

Its going to be a sad scene in my house later today. I feel for my daughter.
Yeah this stuff is just a nightmare, but it'll get better. Fortunately, I was into my teenage years before my first pet that I was really close to died. It's like losing a family member, to begin with it's really difficult but the pain fades and then you just start to remember all the good things about them and how they brightened your life. I feel for your daughter, too, and I know that it's gonna be tough to begin with. I'm sure she'll get through it though

I'm always very happy to know they lived a good long and full life. Unlike my four year old dog who keeps trying to eat socks and cut things short

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