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Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
Thanks again!

It's good news but a lot of it leaves me meh.

Does this mean Be a GM is still a joke?

I mean, it's all fun that you 'improved' details in how the game looks but why not develop it 1080p? I realize it's not necessarily needed, but since a lot of people play on overhead, I doubt little details matter to begin with. The big difference will matter when it's 1080p IMO.

Yay, more ****** commentators. Honestly, I don't care who else they put. They can put Jack Bourdain as the play by play and I'll be happy there's a change. No really, i'd like if they got a new voice. It's recycled audio and it wasn't good the first time.

I won't pretend it's all bad, there is some improvements but they will either be tuned out or exploited within the first 2 months anyway. I'd rather have more concrete changes in how Be a GM is played. I wish Be a GM had more interactive gameplay, fan attendence, media, anything. Just something you can do to effect more than the on-ice product. Team image is nice too. I mean, first off, add NTC clauses and if they do, and your team has a poor 'image' the player will refuse, but if you're a contender and you have a good attendance and media relation then he'd be into it. There's zero form of legacy in Be a GM. They like to say there is by saying you get a "legend status", so what? Means nada. The style of game you play(high scoring, physical, puck possesion, etc..) should be left with your legacy. If you play a game where you score a lot but win 7-6 a 'defense first' player might not be interested in joining you July 1st. Offensive guys *cough* Semin *cough* would want to. If you're physical, the Lucic's, Browns, Clutterbucks and so on will be interested. I'd like if draft picks progression was monitored and they showed their stats from the juniors. I'd also like if a draft pick may refuse to join your team(rare) if he feels you're wayyy too heavy in young talent and he won't have a shot. Etc...

Basically, I'm looking at you overlords.
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