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05-21-2012, 01:44 PM
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Originally Posted by KeithBWhittington View Post

I can think of a million different ways this can go south.... Especially when you read this:

"Records kept by the secretary of state’s office show that CAM filed articles of organization on March 28 — the same day the facilities authority officially approved the purchase of the arena.

Priest was the only person to sign the articles. He was unavailable for comment late last week."
In the grand scheme of overall US governmental corruption and deceit, this is not big stuff. Typical sleight-of-hand ("public commission" -not really. haha-to run arena) stuff.)

Jennison said the facilities authority will oversee CAM’s operation, but to what extent remains unclear.

Some authority board members said there have been no discussions of how they will oversee CAM. They were surprised by Jennison’s comments that the nonprofit will operate in private.

“It certainly doesn’t pass the smell test,” said John Raphael, who serves on the facilities-authority board. “We obviously need to have some discussions about this.”
No, it does not

“Of course this is a violation of the (open-meetings) law, ... and it’s meant to avoid public accountability,” said David Marburger, a Cleveland lawyer and open-government advocate. “Imagine if I owned my house and I transfer it by lease to a nonprofit organization for a year and suddenly the nonprofit is saying I am not allowed to see how they are using my house.”

The corruption of the deal is to be expected from our ever increasingly corrupt government. The concern for Jackets fans would be for how iron clad the deal is relative to the Jackets being bound to Columbus. Based on the early returns, it doesn't engender much-if any-confidence. I'd hardly be shocked if there are sufficient loopholes to drive a few semi moving trucks (ala the Baltimore Colts) through the "contract".

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