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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
Let's look at some stats:

Jon Quick has allowed more than two goals just ONCE during this postseason.

Mike Richards and Jeff Carter have combined for 17 points in 13 games.

Simmonds and Voracek combined for combined for 16 points in 11 games.

Schenn and Couturier combined for 13 points in 11 games.

Couturier did an outstanding job shutting down arguably the best player in the league in the first round.

So the two rookies involved in the trades put up nearly the same amount of points in less games than Richards and Carter. In the first round, Mike Richards really couldn't have done any better than Couturier did in shutting down Malkin. Voracek and Simmonds, the two veterans involved in the trades put up one fewer point in two fewer games, while their defense was clearly not as good as the rookies or Richards and Carter. Jon Quick has far out-shined Bryz, obviously. The Flyers have four players with similar points and similar defensive skills to two players on the Kings and the Kings have a far superior goalie (at least statistically), but you are telling me that Richards and Carter on this team would have meant a deeper run and their impacts are what is driving the Kings? Can someone elaborate on this a little more than just saying "the Kings are still playing!"
The "Kings are still playing" and although your points statistics are nice, showing that the 4 Flyer players involved put up 2.61 points per game as opposed to 1.31 points per game for Richards and Carter, I'm pretty sure you're not giving enough credit for team defence which, to my mind was sorely lacking in the Flyers game; 4.4 GAA for the Flyers as opposed to 1.46 GAA for the Kings. I mean if the four Flyer players had similar defensive skills to the LA two, then surely the Flyers would have been able to avoid a 10 goal outburst by the Penguins in game 4 in which Schenn was -4, Simmonds -3 and Couturier -1. In fact, throughout the 11 games the Flyers played, the combined +- for the 4 players is -7 while Richards and Carter are showing a nice +4 in their 13 games. Do you really think the Kings would be this far with Simmonds, Schenn and Jack Johnson in their line-up over Richards and Carter? And I have never once mentionned Carter staying on the Flyers; I've always assumed that he was a necessary deletion in order for the Flyers to obtain Bryzgalov, such as he is. However, I contend that the 2011-12 Flyers team, minus Schenn and Simmonds but adding Courturier and Voracek, would have achieved greater things with Richards' play at both ends of the ice. I mean he went to the conference finals 3 years out of 5 and, if LA gets to the dance, the SCFs' 2 out of 3 years. In the 2 off-years, 2008 and 2011, the Flyers lost to the eventual winner of the cup. Remember, it's not what you can do for me tomorrow, it's what you can do to-day and, right now, frankly, the Kings are where the Flyers thought they would be.

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