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Yuck. This guy's mock has the Pirates reaching for a 'second round talent' because they do not want another arm and all the best bats are off the table by pick number 8:

7. San Diego Padres Devin Marrero Shortstop, Arizona State Devin Marrero has the defensive skill set at shortstop that MLB scouts will covet. From a defensive aspect, Marrero reminds me of a young Derek Jeter in many ways. Along with a very consistent batting average, Marrero has the speed and gunslinger arm to create single plays or double plays when presented with defensive opportunities to end innings.

After Buxton, Zunino, Carrea, and Marrero there is a significant drop off in batters. There are other quality bats. These four batters are the cream of the crop in the 2012 MLB Draft.

8. Pittsburgh Pirates Trey Williams Third Baseman, Valencia High School California The Pittsburgh Pirates have a tough decision to make. Reach for a bat that could be a second-round talent or stockpile their roster with more pitching prospects.

Consider the fact that the Pirates have one of the leagues better ERAs along with 13 of their top 20 farm prospects being pitchers you have to believe obtaining a bat is the bigger priority in Pittsburgh.

Andrew McCutchen is the only current player on the Pirates’ roster with a batting average above .300 at the moment. The Pirates need more bats in their system. 2011 second round pick Josh Bell and 2011 third round pick Alex Dickerson could help out. The problem is both prospects will be up in 2015 at the very earliest.

Trey Williams is the son of Eddie Williams, who was a part of the 1997 Pirates roster. Williams has the versatility to play anywhere in the infield or the outfield just like his father. Williams seems like a player that the Pirates could be really high on come June.

In 2010-2011, Williams had a batting average of .345, a .446 on base percentage, and a .762 slugging percentage. So far in 2011-2012, Williams has a .381 batting average, a .581 on base percentage, and a .714 slugging percentage.

Williams has been consistent at the high school level. The Pirates can use this pick to develop Williams in their farm system. If Pedro Alvarez does not blossom in the next two seasons, then the Pirates can summon Williams to be his eventual replacement at third base or they can plug him into a shortstop role.

The scary thing is that reaching for a second round talent near the top of the draft is a tune we have heard the Pirates play far too often, though admittedly they have been blameworthy in that regard the past few drafts. But it brings back some very bad memories, and more importantly, the Pirates could concievably do this if the draft falls this way. If this does play out this way, I hope that the Pirates exceed my expectations and go for the pitcher. It is not like pitching can not be traded for bats.

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