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Originally Posted by KeithBWhittington View Post
Its more appealing, It actually closes the gap with the Boston deal because that while Rask COULD provide steady tender play for a decade, Niemi WOULD provide it immediately for a few seasons. I do like what seems to be a more concerted effort to focus the "leadership group" around US-born players.

If this hypothetical deal included the 1st rounder, I'd take San Jose's offer over Bostons.
The highlighted idea is dumb. Geez, Pittsburgh we're not interested in Crosbly cuz he's from Canada;nope, not Malkin either-he's from Russia. (Not that they would be offered but just to point out how suspect your premise is). And if getting Johnson in a trade makes you draw that conclusion I'm sure Mayor can explain why one swallow doesn't make spring(or a well, nevermind). And if that is the case why was Prospal signed to the one year deal with a promise of a place in the organization? I think you missed the boat here.

And I'm not sure i get the "could" and "would" difference between Rask & Niemi. True Niemi has more starts under his NHL belt but Rask has proven to be very good when given the opportunity. And neither has ever played behind as vaunted a defense as the Blue Jackets possess.

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