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05-21-2012, 03:25 PM
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Originally Posted by moosehead81 View Post
The "Kings are still playing" and although your points statistics are nice, showing that the 4 Flyer players involved put up 2.61 points per game as opposed to 1.31 points per game for Richards and Carter, I'm pretty sure you're not giving enough credit for team defence which, to my mind was sorely lacking in the Flyers game; 4.4 GAA for the Flyers as opposed to 1.46 GAA for the Kings. I mean if the four Flyer players had similar defensive skills to the LA two, then surely the Flyers would have been able to avoid a 10 goal outburst by the Penguins in game 4 in which Schenn was -4, Simmonds -3 and Couturier -1. In fact, throughout the 11 games the Flyers played, the combined +- for the 4 players is -7 while Richards and Carter are showing a nice +4 in their 13 games. Do you really think the Kings would be this far with Simmonds, Schenn and Jack Johnson in their line-up over Richards and Carter? And I have never once mentionned Carter staying on the Flyers; I've always assumed that he was a necessary deletion in order for the Flyers to obtain Bryzgalov, such as he is. However, I contend that the 2011-12 Flyers team, minus Schenn and Simmonds but adding Courturier and Voracek, would have achieved greater things with Richards' play at both ends of the ice. I mean he went to the conference finals 3 years out of 5 and, if LA gets to the dance, the SCFs' 2 out of 3 years. In the 2 off-years, 2008 and 2011, the Flyers lost to the eventual winner of the cup. Remember, it's not what you can do for me tomorrow, it's what you can do to-day and, right now, frankly, the Kings are where the Flyers thought they would be.
To begin with, yes I think the Kings are doing the same thing without Richards and Carter. Much like I think the Flyers would have with them. As I mentioned earlier, team defense is great, but adding one or two forwards is not going to change the abysmal play of the defensemen and the shaky play of Bryz. Would it help to upgrade the forwards at defense? Of course it would. But it would not have saved this team. Couturier played about as well as anyone would have against Pittsburgh in that first round, holding Malkin to only slightly over a point per game as apposed to his nearly 1.5 PPG (three of his eight points came in the blowout game and he was held scoreless twice). Not a knock on Richards, but assuming he was put out against Malkin, how much better do you really think he would have done? The bottom line is this. Without Richards and Carter, the Kings are likely still in it, while with Richards and Carter, the Flyers are likely still out.

Even if the team only traded Carter, I still think they would have had the same or at least a similar result. Too many injuries to be able to say that one player would have made a difference. Again, if only Carter is traded we don't even know who else would have been on this team (i.e. Talbot, Jagr). Just too many ifs.

What we know is this: the flyers got owned by the Devils in pretty much every aspect of the game. The Kings are owning opponents in every aspect of the game. I think Richards is an excellent player, but I don't think he would have changed the series against the Devils and I don't think he is changing the outcome (at least thus far) of the Kings. That honor goes to Jon Quick, who is playing out of his mind, regardless of team defense.

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