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05-21-2012, 04:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Jules Winnfield View Post
Agreed. These bats won't even be in the MLB for a few years to help the Pirates. Take the BPA.

I'd take a few more years of Xavier Nady type pickups and trading a pitcher for a young bat if we can eventually get our **** together.
yeah but if we don't take some hitters soon, we're going to keep running into the problem we have no for many many more years. Our problem is not just having an impact hitter ready to play but having any hitters ready to play. Even if theyre not top talent, its important to fill your minor leagues with serviceable hitters if nothing else, for call-ups sake. If you look at winning ball clubs, they always have some players in AAA knocking on the door. We just need a few of those guys to apply some pressure. We hopefully got our impact hitter of the future last year, in Bell. We are really dying for "quantity" not just quality.

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