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Originally Posted by yankeeking View Post
Sunday was just aa weird day, having to drink before breakfast, parking and walking into a war zone, I was deployed during the riots and do not remember seeing that many cops, those bike fans must be maniacs or something, not being able to jay walk, watching as a poor Hooters girl had to use that big scary black bridge to get to work, the horrors the horrors. Then we go inside and they are unloading boxes of t-shirts but they were not for us but were red for the clippers, not thast I am complaining I now have enough towels to rebuild both my car and motorcycle this summer whilst keeping my hands clean and lookin for more, and some fans were visibly on the down side of the donut rush they had because you know nobody turns down a free donut. The building really did seem off and so did the boys and it was probably just one of those games, kinda of like the day game losses to redwings and bluejackets. After the game the cops were still bankrupting the city with their overtime standing around in groups of 5 or more on every corner, do they REALLY think we are going to riot before we get the chance to lose game seven of the finals, oh sorry that was my trip to vancouver last summer, but I think its funny how many cops are around the building every game now maybe someone should tell them this is hockey and the average fan is 30yrs to 60yrs old white guys and that look in our eyes is the total disbelief of what we are seeing and not the look out for big screen tvs, but I do think the cops are getting smarter they are mostly on bikes that do not seem to burn as well as overturned police crown victoria's do. The ride home was the best I live in riverside so it is a ride and yesterday we started getting **** from coyote fans on the 60 fwy headed back to Az., I was pretty impressed first they could read my window sticker since it is three words long and so we saluted them with the your number one salute and thanked them for the 3 to 4 hundred each they paid fot the tickets and every car/van had 5 or 6 in it ah good times
good lord, paragraphs are your friend

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