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Originally Posted by OnMyOwn View Post
Those players have to want to come here.....right now, they don't.

Case in point, Derek lee would rather sit out than get paid 7 mil to play here. That's telling IMO.
It is a chicken egg thing. Players will not come here as long as the ownership is seen as not doing the things necessary to compete, Which primarily includes salary, but also includes building a team that has some talent already.

The long and short of it is that baseball as a sport sucks balls as currently structured. But that said, you do not need to have a Yankee size payroll to compete and be respectable. But a payroll similar to comparable markets, the Reds, the Brewers, Cleveland, etc. Yeah, right now you will have trouble attracting players, but does anyone think that the Pirates even are seriously trying? Every vibe that they send out screams that the Nuttings are pocketing the money and have no intention to do anything but pocket the money. Unless they can start acting serious about doing what it takes to field a respectable team, I do not see the cycle ever ending. It may take a season or two to convince players of the fact that the Nuttings mean it this time, but so far they have shown no inclination to do so.

This team still will lose 90 plus games, mark my words. This is not a 90 loss team presently, despite the hitting woes. But Bedard, Burnett, Correia and Hanrahan all will be gone within a little more than a month. Maybe more. Just like last year they might not win one game in every five after that. As related to the first part of my post above, that sends a message too. The Pirates always start with a low payroll, but end up only paying under a $20 million payroll for the second half of the year as they jettison half or more of the payroll. It lines the Nuttings pockets even more, but what kind of message does that send to players who might consider coming here?

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