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Originally Posted by Dread Pirate Roberts View Post
Is anyone surprised by the way Nutting uses the team to print money? Dude's a newspaperman. I'm sure he loses money hand over fist at his day job.

MLB should have forced him to sell to Burkle and Lemieux. Burkle's in groceries. As long as people need to eat, Burkle will have money to spend on his teams. They should have let Mark Cuban buy the team but no...their idiot commissioner can own a team, the biggest divorce couple in the history of money can own a team, and a moron who invested all his money with Bernie Madoff can own a team...but Mark Cuban isn't good enough to be in their little club club.

Yesterday, the Pirates traded for a guy named Drew Sutton, a switch-hitter who can play all the infield positions with some fairly encouraging returns. .258/.322/.403 and a .724 OPS over three seasons of sporadic major league play. His OPS has gone up each of his three years in the majors. Best of all, in 112 innings as a major league shortstop, he's been an above-average fielder. Sure, he's not Derek Jeter, but he could be a potential solution to the Clint Barmes problem, and they got him for cash considerations.

Then, in a baffling move, they traded him to Tampa for a player to be named later.

Do they not think Clint Barmes is a problem? WTF? I'm seriously almost done with this team.
Simply a stunning set of transactions. Probably acquired him for 10K, traded him to TB for 20K and will pocket the difference. Barmes is making people yearn for the halcyon days of Pat Mears...and he's signed for another year. Just a terrible move at the time that looks even worse now. Why give a mediocre, old SS a multi-year deal? Barajas's agent ****ed up and probably could of talked his way into a two-year deal, probably kicking himself over it.

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